Dillygiggles Organic Lip Balms

by Jennifer Chait, 06/05/11   filed under: green kids

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Most little girls are drawn to yummy lip balm with cute packaging – and it’d be nice to indulge them. However, we all know that most of the lip balms on the market are full of chemicals, artificial colors and other icky ingredients. Not so yummy on your daughter’s lips. Luckily, there are a few safer alternatives. Dillygiggles Organic Lip Balms, for instance, are made with ingredients like organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, organic essential oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract and organic calendula. Although the lip balm itself is made with natural ingredients, the packaging isn’t dull. These tubes are still whimsical enough to appeal to little girls. Available in Magical Mint, Sassy Citrus, Fairy Cherry and Ooh-La-La Vanilla.

+ Dillygiggles Organic Lip Balms $4.00

+ Dillygiggles

Introduce Science Concepts with a Wooden First Gear Set

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Inspire a future science major with Young Minds at Play’s First Gear Set. The solid wood gears fit into the holes of the puzzle blocks and connect together so that when kids spin one gear, they’ll discover that all of the interlocking gears spin as well. Build out the set so your kid can connect more and more gears to see how many can spin at once. The gear set is finished with an eco-friendly oil and beeswax finish and packaged in a 100% recycled box.

+ First Gear Set $65.00 -$122.00

+ Young Minds at Play

Go Sailing with a Tweet Toys Organic Wooden Sailboat

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Watching a sailboat float around in the water is one of the simplest pleasures of being a kid in the summer. Give your toddler a wooden sailboat from Tweet Toys and watch how she is quickly filled with wonder at how the boat stays a float. The base of these boats are handcrafted from American pine finished with a non-toxic beeswax finish. You can choose from a variety of organic cotton sails printed with the designer’s own patterns. We bet your green kid will love this boat all summer, and she’ll beg to take it in the bathtub once the weather turns chilly again.

+ Organic Wooden Sailboats $19.00

+ Tweet Toys by Willow Baus

Wear a Handmade Teething Necklace to Soothe Your Baby

by Julie Knapp, 06/02/11   filed under: green baby, teething

Why has teething jewelry like Koukku’s Nordic Tutti Teething Necklace become so popular? Your Baby has been pulling on your hair, your earrings, and your necklaces since the day she figured out she could grab and tug, but now that she’s teething she’s putting everything in her mouth, too. Not such a great situation for your jewels or your Baby since some of your jewelry may contain cadmium, lead, or other unhealthy chemicals for Baby to ingest. Koukku’s teething necklace, which is handmade in Finland, is made from a mix of unfinished wood and Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

+ Nordic Tutti Teething Necklace $10.00

+ Koukku

Our Children’s Gorilla Cardboard Firestation

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Your kids can create a whole eco town with Our Children’s Gorilla cardboard city. The fire station is made from lightweight cardboard and it’s simplicity leaves plenty of playtime up to your child’s imagination. The best part? Once playtime is over — as in for good — these city store fronts can be recycled. We also must confess we think this cardboard town could be used as inspiration to create your own eco-friendly city out of cardboard boxes you have lying around the house.

+ Fire Station Cardboard Building EUR 27.50

+ Our Children’s Gorilla

3 Sprouts Organic Hanging Wall Organizer

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The 3 Sprouts Organic Hanging Wall Organizer will help get your playroom organized in no time flat. Kids will love to store books and other small items in this hanging solution – making clean-up time at least a bit more fun. Each organizer is easy to hang and comes with three generous pockets, which will work perfectly for diapers, coloring books, art projects and supplies and much more. The 40″ x 14″ organizers are made with 100% organic cotton canvas and 100% eco-spun felt (made from recycled plastic bottles), and they come in four fun animal styles.

+ 3 Sprouts Organic Hanging Wall Organizer $29.99

+ 3 Sprouts

6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Kids Safe in the Bathtub

by Jennie Lyon, 05/31/11   filed under: green baby, green kids, health & body


Happy Memorial Day 2011!

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Happy Memorial Day from Inhabitots! As you remember those that have lost their lives in our nation’s service, this day also is the unofficial beginning of summer. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the kickoff weekend in eco style!

Make homemade mango-berry yogurt pops with our easy recipe.

Go fly a kite, and first make a recycled paper one.

Pick out a new summer dress for your little eco fashionista.

Gather your picnic blanket and head to the park for a day of fun.

Stock up on eco-friendly sunscreen.

Lead image © CathyK

NEW: Hape e-moto Bamboo Motorbike Toy

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Hape introduced their first bamboo vehicles, including an airplane we love, in 2009 and they keep impressing us with cool new introductions. Their latest? The e-moto — a scooter with lots of cool details sized for kids ages 3+ to push around. Like Hape’s other eco vehicles, this motorbike is made from sustainable bamboo and finished with non-toxic, water-based paints. The e-moto is the perfect green toy to mix up your tot’s car collection.

+ e-moto $24.95

+ Hape International

Oyster Mushrooms Can Break Down Disposable Diapers in 4 Months

by Jill Fehrenbacher, 05/28/11   filed under: green baby, news

Alethia Vázquez-Morillas, Autonomous Metropolitan University, oyster mushrooms, disposable diaper composting, landfill waste, recycling, diapers,

Disposable diapers. They’re one of the biggest contributors to overflowing landfills, piling up at a rate of 1 ton of trash per kid per year. And the worst part is that not a single disposable diaper ever made has yet decomposed. It is estimated that disposable diapers take 500 years to break down, which means the very first disposable diaper created 40 years ago is still sitting in the dump, holding court with all the other sposies that have since joined it. But now, a scientist named Alethia Vázquez-Morillas from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City has found a way to turn that 500-year span to a mere 4 months, by using oyster mushrooms to accelerate the breakdown. How?


Bobka Baby Eco-Friendly Baby Shoes

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Shopping at Bobka Baby is hard work- all the shoes in the organic collection are so darn adorable that it’s hard to choose just one pair. Each pair of Bobka Baby shoes is handmade especially for your little one, and since they’re made with fabrics such as organic hemp, organic silk and recycled wool, these tiny shoes leave a smaller footprint. Bobka Baby designs are unique and all original. They offer a large selection of baby girl shoes, including a slew of sweet ballet and Mary Jane styles, and there are a few unisex shoe styles offered as well.

+ Bobka Baby Eco-Friendly Baby Shoes $32.00 -$55.00

+ Bobka Baby

Introducing LEFTright: Organic Apparel for Hipster Babies and Toddlers

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LEFTright, organic cotton, baby gifts

Etsy is full of vendors catering to the coolest of babies, and LEFTright is the latest to catch our eye. LEFTright infuses organic cotton hats, bibs, onesies, and other baby goodies with a hefty dose of wit and charm. The infant hats are especially funny with thought bubbles dreaming up towards tacos, boom boxes, and ice cream cones. And who knows? Maybe baby’s 3 a.m. screaming fit really WAS because she wanted tacos. Hipster dads are certain to covet the bicycle tees, with the cheeky, hand-printed motto, “This is How I Roll”.  And check out the line’s Bling Bling chain necklace bib, which you can personalize for the baby rock star in your life. All of LEFTright’s goods are printed with water-based inks and come in rich, subdued colors that add to the line’s cool factor.

+ T-Shirts, Hats and Bibs $15-40

+ LEFTright

Kiri Martin’s Adorable Paper Pulp Piggy Bank Teaches Kids How to Save

by Yuka Yoneda, 05/27/11   filed under: green kids, green toys

+ Kiri Martin

Faber-Castell MAX Colored EcoPencils for Green Art Projects

by Julie Knapp, 05/27/11   filed under: green design, green kids

Inspire a budding green artist with a new set of colored pencils. Faber-Castell’s new MAX Colored EcoPencils are made from reforested wood and built to be more break-resistant than regular colored pencils, which means this box will last longer than average. The colored leads are 33 percent thicker and glued in the barrel so they won’t fall out. We also like that the pencils have a triangular shape, which makes them easier for novice artists to hold.

+ MAX Colored EcoPencils $7.99 for 24, $3.99 for 12

+ Faber-Castel

NEW! GOODEARTH gumdrops: Eco-Friendly Kids Clothes and Goods from India

by Marni Fogelson-Teel, 05/27/11   filed under: eco baby clothing, eco toddler, green baby, green design, green kids, interview

bamboo, gumdrops, GOODEARTH, green baby

If eco-friendly home design mecca GOODEARTH isn’t on your radar yet, there’s probably good reason: It’s located in India. But with plans to launch an online store by fall, we thought we’d give you the scoop on their new baby and kids line, GOODEARTH gumdrops, which combines playful, colorful, contemporary Indian aesthetics with carefully selected eco-friendly fabrics and materials. GOODEARTH gumdrops covers all the traditional baby and kid territories: toys, bedding, clothes, and bath accessories, all with an eclectic, chic vibe that speaks of gumdrops’ South Asian roots. There’s a lot to love in the line: button-down, organic cotton shirts printed with parrots and elephants, super absorbent organic bamboo bath towels, and sweet patchwork stuffed animals like hippos and giraffes. We fell head over heels for the magical indoor tents that create a kids’ hideaway within your own home. Read on to learn more about the sustainable line from our interview with GOODEARTH’s director Simran Lal.


One Lemon Happy Baby Mat is a Soft Spot to Play

One Lemon Happy Baby Mat is a Soft Spot to Play

Looking for a sustainable play mat for your tot? The new Happy Baby Mat from One Lemon‘s Little Marmalade Collection is the perfect soft mat for baby to play on at home or on the go. The 100% organic denim cotton rolls up and is easy to transport thanks to a shoulder strap. We also love this eco play mat for mommy and me yoga


Perfect Book for Summer: Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

Perfect Book for Summer: Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

Last year, Anni Daulter delighted little ones and parents alike with her feast for the eyes and tummy – Organically Raised – Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers. This year, Daulter takes on a classic summer favorite – ice pops! Homemade ice pops save you money and save on resources too (think about all that store bought pop packaging). Plus you can make your homemade ice pops with fresh and healthy ingredients, especially with Daulter’s new book, Ice Pop Joy to help. Daulter offers a slew of ice pop creations made with seasonal fruits, nutritious vegetables, protein packed whole foods and natural-minded sweeteners. Read on to see the pros and cons of Ice Pop Joy. Make sure to stick around until the end, because I’ve included a yummy bonus sample recipe from the book at the end!


Instant Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Decor from Paper and Cake

Instant Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Decor from Paper and Cake

You want to throw an impressive, and eco, first birthday party, but you don’t have time to design the decorations to pull it off. So what? We found a cool new way to take the easy (and smart) way out. Pick a theme and print off a complete party collection from Paper and Cake on recycled paper. The theme, modern design and list of what you need is already laid out for you so all you need to do is print, cut, and do a few simple crafts.


Dry Off With Organic Animal Towels from 3 Sprouts

Dry Off With Organic Animal Towels from 3 Sprouts

Pool time is right around the corner, so now is the time to pick up a sweet pool towel for your little ones. These super cute hooded animal towels from 3 Sprouts will drive your kids wild, while drying them off at the same time. The bright colors, fun animal faces and details are perfect for both …


Georgia City Bans Breastfeeding in Public for Children Older Than Two

Georgia City Bans Breastfeeding in Public for Children Older Than Two

Enjoy it while it lasts kid...


Forest Park, GA has issued a new law that makes it illegal to breastfeed any child older than two years of age in public, calling the act public indecency. notes, “Previously, the city only had a public indecency ordinance that covered adult entertainment businesses.” Whew, I’m glad to hear that the city will now be safe from both adult entertainment and breastfeeding. What’s almost as disturbing as the new law though, is that the majority of Forest Park council members, who I’m guessing voted for this new law, are women.

What do you think about Forest Park banning breastfeeding of two-year-olds

  • 4 Votes Awesome - this new law rocks. I'm so sick of seeing boobs everywhere!
  • 200 Votes This is an extremely stupid law - way to go Forest Park.
  • 3 Votes I don't care.

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